😎 NEW CD!   Release Date: September, 2017


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Greetings to all! Glad you came by. This will be the theme of the new website. The featured CD here, My Old Place, represents so many wonderful hours of work. This Album is a collaboration with Al Hospers. We are anxious to see how our project is received. Listen to title song on this page and follow with lyrics below. Then you can hear 1:22 min sample clips of all the other 7 tunes on the music page.   😊

Lyrics - My Old Place
Leaves were blowin' in the yard today,
The car was gone, the dog had run away,
There was no one home, at my old place

Paint was peeling, on the red front door,
No one kept up the house anymore,
Except in memories, of my old place

Once there was a beautiful dream alive there,
Back when every thing was feeling fine,
And if I just close my eyes, I can see,
The happiness that once was on her face
At my old place...